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2014 Indpendent Publishers Bronze Medal Award

for Regional Fiction!!!

Tiffany Blues: A Martini Munrow Mystery                      



 Meet bodacious Clara Martini and the high maintenance Florilla Munrow, quirky co-owners of Astrobotanics Chocolate Diner and Metaphysical Emporium. When the best friends venture out of Dolly’s Ferry to score some aphrodisiacs to spice up their new Valentine’s Day passion spell, they never imagine that their source of lust provokers, Dr. Duncan McPherson, is about to become the new still life exhibit at the Metropolitan Botanical Gardens. Like the twisted vine found wrapped around the neck of the world renowned medicinal botanist, McPherson’s cryptic astrological message from beyond the grave ensnares Martini and Munrow in a wicked web of deadly potions, pharmaceutical espionage, dangerous romance and a mysteriously missing Tiffany box the size of a soup tureen.

Armed to the hilt with the tools of their trade - herbs, astrology and dark chocolate, this unlikely pair of accidental sleuths jump stilettos first into the metaphysical mayhem.  Before they can say “Venus Fly Trap” they find themselves consorting with the dead doctor’s coterie of eccentric scientists:  Florilla’s former flame, Blaine Winship, aka, “Dr. Slimemold”; Quentin Adams, the tall, dark and sizzling pharmaceutical VP; Samantha Rousseau, McPherson’s sweet exotic research assistant; Andrew Gray, Sammy’s eggheaded male counterpart; and the pinched, middle-aged ice queen, Dr. Janice Pearl. All of them have a bizarre fascination with man eating plants, all have something to hide and only Clara and Florilla can unearth their secret...McPherson made sure of that.

The friends have no choice but to leave their limo at Tiffany’s and follow Mars and the Moon to the frozen swamps of South Jersey to dig up the dirt on the motley crew and catch the killer...and they better dig fast or they’ll be digging their own graves.


Tiffany Blues is

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